Climbing out of a hole in a whole new world.

Learning a new language is so much fun.

A smile is universal!

I am learning to speak Danish……very slowly but surely. Everyday there is another day not wasted, because I learn something new. When I enter a shop, I am generally asked, “Can I help you?” These words I know so I answer politely that thank you I am just looking.

If, however, someone says something else, it is the puzzled stare that they see. Or a ….yes thanks. Then I laugh and have a rehearsed saying to explain that I am learning their language.

It brings my mind out of a deep dark hole that I often find myself in. A change in the way your words come out. Words are so very powerful.

Trying to use them to make others shine is a habit we should all adapt to.

So here is to you, remember you are special. x

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