Guf is a topping that the Danes coat their ice cream with. A choice of 1 – 4 balls of your favourite flavors in a cone. Many more options to explore … popcorn, soft ice with numerous coatings. Tivoli is worth it.

Try eating it and enjoying in the summer without getting messy. It is worth it!

I love guf!

Nanny Binging after COVID

How many of us, not just grandparents. Nanny, gramps, morfar, mormor, all of of us have been introduced to a new role? I

call it isolation.

How have YOU coped? Now, I am having the biggest binge/fix that I will probably ever have. Being Nanny again. Well, I love it. Naughty Nanny, Creepy Nanny,. Hearing those words, “Nanny, you’re so funny”!