Delightful queues at Schilphol Airport.

It seems that Schilphol Airport has a good solution for the amount of traffic passing through it’s doors.

I queued for around 90 minutes but, the queue was constantly moving. I was amused by the children’s little behaviourisms that kept them occupied. They made the time pass quicker, and were accompanied by unstressed parents due to the excellent organisation to get through security. Maybe it was my state of mind. But everyone looked relaxed , and it wasn’t from the smell of ‘fresh grass’ lingering ☺️😂.

Also, it is permitted to take your drink bottle through security. No emptying cosmetic bags, iPads , phones etc, they all remain in your bag for a super swift glide through the X-ray machine to the other side.

The sweet little boys behind me loved my case, with all the zips, ties, stickers and padlock on. Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best.

Enjoy your evening everyone x